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no you think you’ll get anywhere screaming threatening me insulting me you think i’ll ever open up you criticize me all the time then bitch about why i cry bitch about why don’t eat you don’t understand how i feel because if i told you you would just bitch then you bitch about my boyfriend then get mad why i dont i ever tell you when i go to his house you never sit down and talk to me without getting mad you always treat me like shit i stay in silence because that’s all im good for 

shut the fuck up i cant take it no more no mom you never listen shut up you just get mad and scream you ask why dont you eat i tell you bitch thats all you do is bitch bitch bitch ok i get it i get it shut the fuck up threats threats threats no thats all you do ok no mom you act like a bitch all the time i now you are fed up with me i know but no you bitch but no its fine anyways you are always right ok stop talking just please stop yes ok i get it im a idiot im a slut i know ok

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